Optional: Taxonomies

In addition to setting up the taxonomies on the server (see Category groupings & categories), you will need to configure them also on the client.

This requires the following:

  • set up taxonomy groups (see below)
  • set up taxonomy titles and labels (see Labels)
  • set up taxonomy colours and icons (see Themes)

Note: as for the server code there is also a minimal set-up in the "lite" branch in addition to the default configuration in the "master" branch

Taxonomy groups

You can set up to 4 taxonomy groups in the configuration file /app/themes/config.js by setting the lower and upper priority numbers assigned on the server.

By default there are two groupings set up, one for priority values 0 to 9 and one for values 10 to 19. Here is the code (where id matches the id referenced in the translations file, see Labels):

export const TAXONOMY_GROUPS = [
    id: 1,
    priorityMin: 0,
    priorityMax: 9,
    default: true,
    id: 2,
    priorityMin: 10,
    priorityMax: 19,

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