Labels & translation (client)

Labels & text files

Labels and text used by the client application are defined for the default language English - Great Britain ("en-GB") in folder /app/translations.

You can update all application text and labels for your language (default "en-GB.json") in /app/themes/config.js (see General application settings).

PLease note: labels can reference dynamic content using tags {dynamic field} populated by the application during runtime. These tags should not be removed.

Specifically you should update or review the following labels:

  • Contact email: "" and ""

  • Publisher website: "app.components.Footer.responsible.url" and "app.components.Footer.responsible.anchor"

  • Partner and sponsor names and website addresses (if not disabled in app settings)): "[No]" and "[No]" for every partner (number of partners determined in themes file, see Themes)

  • Application title (home page): ""

  • Application claim (home page): ""

  • Taxonomy groupings according to Category groupings & categories: app.containers.App.taxonomyGroups.[No] where "No" matches the group id

  • Taxonomy titles and labels for each taxonomy set up (see Category groupings & categories): "app.containers.App.entities.taxonomies.[No].[type]" where "[No]" is the server ID and "[type]" one off "single", "plural", "shortSingle", "shortPlural", "description" and "empty" ("description" is shown on category overview page)

  • Home page meta title: "app.containers.HomePage.pageTitle"

  • Home page meta description: "app.containers.HomePage.pageDescription"

Translate to other languages

Translation files to other languages can be added here according to the default locale defined in /app/themes/config.js.