Client settings

The application configuration file is /app/themes/config.js.

Must: server endpoint

Please set server api endpoint ENDPOINTS > API to your (custom) server endpoint set up as part of your Heroku installation

In addition there are several other optional settings (in order of appearance):

Optional: language and date settings

  • Language locale: If you plan to translate the application to another language, you must set the language locale DEFAULT_LOCALE, also see Labels

  • Date format: update DATE_FORMAT to change the deault date format 'dd/mm/yyyy'

Optional: enable/disable partners and sponsors

  • Set SHOW_FOOTER_PARTNERS to true or false;

  • Partner names and website addresses can be set up in the language file, see [Labels]((/client-config/

  • Partner logos can be added to the media folder, see Theme

Optional: enable/disable SDG component

  • Set ENABLE_SDGS to true or false to enable or disable the SDG component

  • Please make sure to also add/uncomment or remove/outcomment (//) the 4 SDG tables from the DB_TABLES object:

    • Enabled:

      export const DB_TABLES = [
    • Disabled:

      export const DB_TABLES = [
      // 'sdgtarget_categories',
      // 'sdgtarget_indicators',
      // 'sdgtarget_measures',
      // 'sdgtargets',

Optional: enable (or disable) additional fields for Action entity

There are 2 additional fields for action entities that are disabled by default:

  • Outcome (attribute: 'outcome') which can be used to describe the desired or achieved outcome of an action. To enable set disabled: false or delete the line disabled: true.

  • Indicator summary (attribute: 'indicator_summary') which can be used to summarise the associated indicators or their purpose. To enable set disabled: false or delete the line disabled: true.